Welcome to the Herkules Group – Real Estate and Investment Advisory Services

The Herkules Group has been doing business as a real estate investor and consulting firm for roughly 30 years. The primary focus of our work is the German real estate market. Our services include:

The Herkules Group, with René Ravn as its CEO, has been doing business successfully on the German real estate market for about 30 years. During this time, it has supported transactions of around one billion euros. The transactions are primarily in the asset classes of wholesale and retail, residential, assisted living and hotels.

The Herkules Group consists of four special-purpose companies that work with each other: Herkules Grundbesitz GmbH, Herkules Immobilien Management GmbH, Herkules Advisors GmbH and H-Wert Gesellschaft für Immobilien Bewertung mbH.

The group offers property management and asset management, transaction management, real estate and investment advisory services, financing and valuation for all types of real estate. The Herkules Group advises and supports both institutional and private investors that normally have the legal form of a partnership or corporation and are subject to the laws in the country where they are based. All the services provided by the Herkules Group have been tested by TÜV Nord since 2008 and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.